Hey Guys, This Seems Like News

Phil Fish, you trickster, you sly dog, you fiendish beast, you good secret keeper. Fez II has been announced. And nobody had any idea.

By Tony Walter | Jun 13, 2013

I may have earned a new level of respect for Polytron creator, Phil Fish. Not because he's great at making games, or because I think he has some pretty spot-on - if not a little harsh - opinions about the games industry. I already knew both of those things. But because he managed to keep his game, a sequel to one of the best games of last year, a total secret. This might have been the only game that wasn't a known quantity going into E3. And in this age of leaks and rumors, that's pretty impressive.

The trailer, available here, hints at what might be an interesting new art style for the game.
Fez II is currently in development at Polytron. Not many details were given outside of a name and the fact that Disasterpeace will be returning to score - hopefully - another incredible soundtrack. Oh, and the title is officially Fez II, not Fez 2 - for geometric reasons, says Fish.  

I consider myself a patient person, and you might want to join me if you're looking forward to this one. Fez was announced in 2007 and released in 2012. The, mostly, one-man-team built the game, and rebuilt it, over the course of six years. Some of which is documented in the film, Indie Game: The Movie. It's unclear the size of Polytron now, but in some way I would kind of prefer the personal nature of Fez to return to the sequel. And I'd absolutely be happy to wait for it.

It might also be interesting to see the destination of the final game. Phil and Microsoft did not end on the best of terms, so seeing Fez 2 as another Xbox Live Arcade exclusive is kind of a difficult pill to swallow. More likely, we'll see it released on the seemingly bipartisan Steam. But this is all conjecture at this point.

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