Ruination: TimeSplitters 2

Ruination is a new regular feature where I'll push the limits of nostalgia by examining games I once loved. For the inaugural episode I take a look back into my teenage years and examine what I used to consider my favorite game of all time, TimeSplitters 2.

Exploring Uncharted Territory; Adapting Video Games For Film

There's an age-old stigma associated with films based on video games and video games based on films. That is, they're bad. Is that stigma founded in truth, or just a series of unfortunate mistakes? Are the two most valuable entertainment industries destined to never cross paths?

Art Can Be Offensive, And That's Okay (UPDATED)

The next sequel of Volition's ostentatious open-world action franchise, Saints Row IV, was banned in Australia due to offensive and illicit content. And, that's a bad thing.

Why I'm Clapping For Sony

Regardless of any allegiances you may hold, it's hard for anybody to deny how good Sony ended up looking after their press conference at E3 last week. Their stance on used games and digital rights management might be better than Microsoft's, but that shouldn't be why you're clapping.

Hey Guys, This Seems Like News

Phil Fish, you trickster, you sly dog, you fiendish beast, you good secret keeper. Fez II has been announced. And nobody had any idea.

E3 - Vomit Of The Mind (#DAYDUO)

Come see a distilled version of some of the news from day two of E3 2013. The good, the bad, the ugly, some confusion, and a little dash of unexpected excitement.

E3 - Vomit Of The Mind (DAY FIRST)

I chronicled my thoughts throughout the first day of E3 2013. These are my reactions to the press conferences, as they happened.